British Institute of Florence Scholarship Winners leave for Oxford, Cambridge, and Brighton


Last Wednesday 25th June 2014 The British Institute of Florence had the pleasure of hosting the Scholarship Award Ceremony in the Harold Acton Library. The scholarships on offer this year to British Institute students included language courses at the Regent Schools in Brighton and Cambridge or residential placements at Magdalen College, Oxford and Magdalene College, Cambridge to carry out research using the facilities and libraries. The applicants underwent a two-stage selection process, firstly in the form of a written application followed by an interview with Amanda Lowe, Head of Languages and James Douglas, Senior teacher of English.

The following is the list of winners of the British Institute Scholarships 2014:

British Institute/Regent School, Brighton

Luca Luminati

British Institute/Regent School, Cambridge

Carlo Bottai

British Institute/Magdalen College Oxford

Francesco Viviani

Claudia Trebbi

Lavinia Pelle

British Institute/Magdalene College Cambridge

Giovanni Godoli

Roberto Gamberini

Carlo Fumagalli

By: Boyana Georgieva



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